Friday, 13 July 2012

Book Reviews - new

I do book reviews for Workshop on the Web, and occasionally, there are too many to go into the magazine.  When this happens, I am going to put them into my blog, so that my reviews don't go to waste.  My first one is from Search Press, which was published in January, so has been out for a while, but is worth a look at if you are into dyeing.

A Handbook of Indigo Dyeing by Vivien Prideaux

Published by Search Press

Available from Search Press

Price £14.99

ISBN 978-1-84448-767-7

This book is a very comprehensive guide to all the different types of Indigo Dyeing that can be done.  From reading the book, you quickly understand that it is not something that you could undertake in an afternoon with pots and pans lying around in the cupboard; in fact, the most effective method that Vivien Prideaux has found involves a big plastic container and 20 litres of water.  There is also a fair amount of serious chemical involvement, and plenty of protective clothing.  It struck me that you would need to be fairly committed to undertaking this type of dyeing and be willing to use the right equipment even before you get started.

Having said that, the book itself is a very full and informative guide.  The history of the process, the different fibres and indigo dyes are all explained fully, and it is a very easy read.  The instructions for dyeing (there are 3 different dye VATS to choose from) are set out with lots of photographs and instructions of how to prepare your fabric, and there are plenty of wonderful pictures of finished cloth, which would even tempt me despite knowing how much work it is to get there.  There are even a couple of projects (ie cushion, tea cosy, scarf) to get you using your new collection of fabulous fabric.  I think it would be a suitable book for those who are familiar (or have dabbled with) the process before and want to move to the next level.

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