Sunday, 15 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

Well, it's been busy in Crumpsey Corner over Christmas. I was working on an article so furiously stitching in between washing sprouts and finding storage for the 6 billion mince pies we brought in for the festive period (amount left: 6 billion minus 2). I didn't have time for all the festive stitching that a domestic goddess would have been hard at work doing in the blissful few weeks to Santa's visit. Ah well, Crumpsey Corner was a veritable haven of chaos, as it is every year despite my best intentions. And talking of intentions, the New year brings me to Resolutions and plans for what to achieve. As my first resolution of being more organised came crashing around my ears on January 2nd when I realised I had clashed 2 appointments, I lay more hope at the Doorstep of Stitch… for those of you that have seen the film Wanted with James McAvoy, the Doorstep of Stitch is not to be confused with the Loom of Fate (yes, really). So my Resolutions are to i) tidy up Crumpsey Corner ( I Had to put that one is as it's a rolling resolution and I'd feel a void if it wasn't there), ii) do a few more design and sketching experiments to get back into practice, iii) make the Amy Butler mac that has been sitting in my 'pending' pile for over a year. I am starting the preliminaries now, so I hope 2 post a few more pictures as I progress. I am using Amy Butler Sandlewood print in Laminated Ivory. I feel I have to do this as I chased that fabric around the world and tracked it down (natch) in the USA on and eventually got it back to the UK only for it to languish neglected in a cupboard. So 2012 is not only an Olympic Year but the year of my AB Mac! And other resolutions may well follow on, but it's good to start small and work your way up.

No pics of a mac, but there's always cake. Here are some cake pops made before Christmas. There were small people involved and that is why there are enough sprinkles to send a horse into a diabetic coma. And also a birthday cake I made for a Stitch friend. Not so many sprinkles, but still enough sugar to fuel a short run.