Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Return from the Summer Lull

I have had a longer break than expected over the summer from my blog, due to holidays, Paralympics and generally faffing around.

However, before I launch back into what I have been doing, I wanted to show some work by an artist called Caroline Parrott.  I went to Walford Mill Crafts in Wimbourne and saw an amazing selection of work by fantastic artists.  Debbie Kirby has a studio space there with her loom and produces some beautiful pictures.

But I bought a couple of pieces by Caroline Parrott, which really caught my eye.

The flower is beautiful and the butterfly is a wall butterfly and comes with a screw so you can put it on the wall with lots of other butterflies.  I am hoping to clear some wall space and build up my collection.

They are made of aluminium which takes colour and the colours and pattern on them are amazing.

Something to aspire to.