Sunday, 26 February 2012

So long ago…

…Since I last posted. Since The New Year, the broadband was down for a while and that interfered with my Internet surfing. It really cramped my style. I was also working and catching up. But the good news is that I have started my Amy Butler mac and will post a few pics this week! I have found the pattern mostly easy to follow (had a bit of trouble attaching the hood but will explain another day!). The pockets look good and I can only worship at the altar of my Bernina Walking Foot! My stitching looks very straight! Now I wish I'd used it earlier.

I've also made some felt hearts for a garland. I need some felt balls in yellow but having sat down and rolled about five myself, I'm not sure they are really going to do. They were like a family of balls - a Mummy, a Daddy, oldest, middle and youngest child - none were the same size! So I may have to purchase some instead.